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3.5 stars What is it with endings lately? Katie Lowe’s psychological thriller, Possession, is the second book I’ve recently read with a terribly disappointing ending. And once again, it’s truly disheartening because up until the novel’s final pages, I was totally on...

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The Project

The Project

Flip. Flop. That’s what my feelings for The Project did. They flipped, they flopped, and then flipped again as I read Courtney Summers’ latest Young Adult thriller. And they flip-flopped dramatically. From like to strong dislike to really like to even love by novel’s...

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The Four Winds

The Four Winds

This is a “meet you in the middle” kind of review. An “I liked it, but I didn’t love it” review. And unfortunately, it’s a “Hannah had me for the first 75% and then blew it with the ending” review. Yep. It’s that type of review. (Hangs head.) In The Four Winds,...

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